Good Food for a Good Cause

Flagship cook during St Judes FundraiserMonica Cole, Front of House Manager Café 1790

Working in the culinary industry can be inspiring when you’re working for a Client that not only takes cares of its employees but strives to make a difference around the block and around the world.

Inspired to find a way to use our culinary forces for good, our team in Washington, D.C. launched a Charity of the Month program at their café. On the last Friday of every month, they host a lunchtime fundraiser to raise awareness and money for the chosen charity.

The charities are chosen through personal stories or networking connections and the lunch fundraisers are a wonderful combination of food, community and awareness.

Putting the “Fun” in Fundraising

Working in tandem with our client and representatives from the chosen charity, the lunches are promoted across social media and our D.C. campus, and when lunchtime hits, our team whips out a delicious meal, themed around the cause.

When raising money for Save the Children Venezuela, the lunch menu was authentic Venezuelan dishes made with love by our Venezuelan chef and her team. And when raising money St. Jude Children’s Hospital D.C., the menu was themed around elevated renditions of popular kid’s menu items.

Additional lunch partnerships have included fundraising for Supporting and Mentoring Youth Advocates and Leaders (SMYAL), a non-profit that supports LGBTQ youth in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan region; the Cerebral Palsy Foundation and Charlie’s Place, which provides meals and basic necessities to homeless communities in D.C.

SMYAL Volunteer Table Café 1790SMYAL Volunteer Table Café 1790
The employee-run and employee-funded program started in February 2019 and has already raised over $3,000 to-date. The goal for the first year of fundraising is to hit $5k, which will definitely be achieved and likely surpassed given the success our team has already seen and as the program gains traction and momentum.

It’s a reminder that not all heroes wear capes, some wear chef coats, and Flagship’s culinary team has just started making its heroic difference in one small center in D.C.!

Chef Dylan Social Foundation PromotionChef Dylan Coolidge promoting the Cerebral Palsy Foundation luncheon