Bringing Your Community Closer – Meal by Meal

From small moments to major milestones, every day should be special, which is why we’re committed to providing elevated dining experiences for the great minds at some of the world’s largest high-tech companies. Genuine hospitality, combined with the highest quality food, international influences and healthy selections create an inspirational atmosphere that helps build community.
Yes! I want a Culinary Career!

We’re Always Recruiting… Even Now!

Given the current COVID-19 shelter-in-place restrictions, we are not able to hire new employees at this time, but we are actively interviewing talented culinarians to join our team as soon as our culinary operations are back up and running.

If you crave the challenge of working with food and providing flawless service, we want to hear from you! Contact us today and start your career journey with Flagship.
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Thank you for supporting our front line workers during this crisis. We’ll make it through this together – and together we’ll reopen and come back stronger than before.

Cody L.

"We are so lucky to have the team that we do and I am forever grateful for my job and the people at the top. Thank you!"

Cody L.


Grandma’s Corn Pudding

This slightly sweet and savory dish is delicious and easy to make. Perfect for the holidays or Sunday dinner, this classic menu item is often served alongside roasted chicken, baked ham or g...

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Anthony G.

Anthony G.
Catering Manager

It takes a great leader to engage employees. However, with COVID-19 shuttering facilities and managers needing to shift to virtual platforms, leaders must get creative to keep employees exci...

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National Restaurant Association

Peace of Mind

We’re passionate about food safety and use ServSafe for our food and beverage safety training and certification program, administered by the National Restaurant Association.


Flagship’s Teaching Kitchen

The teaching kitchen concept at Flagship Culinary Services is very simple: it doesn’t matter what you know and it doesn’t matter where you’ve worked before – everyone at Flagship Culinary gets the opportunity to learn, to grow and to create a culinary career.

Eager culinarians that advance – from dish machine operator to sous chef – this is a story that’s told over and over at Flagship Culinary.

Come, join us and let us help you tell your career story!